Searched For And Found An Apartment In Lewisville TX

I needed to find a new apartment to move into because my lease was almost up. I didn’t really get along with my landlord and wanted to find another apartment to rent. I started searching to see what was for rent in Lewisville TX.

I asked a friend of mine if they saw any apartments for rent in the area. They said no, but they noticed there was a new feature on the Facebook app. She said it was called the Marketplace and I could find rentals on there. I immediately opened up Facebook and looked to see what was for rent. I never realized there were apartments listed for rent on Facebook. I browsed around and looked at some of the pictures and the cost of the rent. Everything there seemed a little too much so I knew I would have to look elsewhere.

I went online and searched for apartments for rent in Lewisville TX. I found several websites this way and they had apartment listings on them. I looked over those websites and found several apartments. I sorted the search by price and found the perfect apartment. It was the right price and it was also closer to my job. I contacted the landlord on the website and got a phone call back shortly after that. I was able to go look at the apartment the next day and I got the rental agreement signed and the deposit put down on it.

I was able to move into this apartment the following week. I love living in this apartment. It is just as perfect as I thought it would be. The landlord has been great and much better than the one I had at the other apartment I lived in.